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Does a six-day 100-mile running trip sound like it would appeal to relatively few people? It would most places, but hard-core runners frequent the Roaring Fork Valley in such numbers that Aspen Alpine Guides had to add a third installment of its Hut Run Hut outings for 2015 (see hutrunhut.com for dates). As the trips’ name suggests, the running—ten to twenty-five miles a day of it—is bookended by nights in the 10th Mountain Division Hut System between Aspen and Vail.

An elite ultrarunner—Dylan Bowman, Scott Jurek, or Jenn Shelton—joins a portion of each jaunt to add a little star power, and while there’s no way to make 100 miles of running entirely pleasurable, Aspen Alpine Guides tries: mezcal-tinged nights with roaring campfires and tasty s’mores make the week feel like an amped up (a very, very amped up) version of a rustic summer vacation.

If that still sounds too daunting, Aspen Alpine Guides (aspenalpine.com) uses the hut system for custom hiking, biking, and running trips of shorter lengths as well.

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