Mountain towns are great places to be a dog, and Aspen’s one of the best. Here’s the inside line on pup-friendly hikes, off-leash areas, swimming holes, health and safety advice from a local veterinarian, hotels that cater to canine guests, and the best mountain breeds. We also introduce you to four local dogs and their humans who share unusually strong bonds. And make sure to read the “Be a Good Dog” section to your pooch; knowing where to go and how to behave when there—along with your diligence in picking up and packing out poop—will go a long way toward making sure everyone else likes your pup, too.

In This Feature:

Aspen’s Most Dog-Friendly Hotels

Many places just accept pets, but these local lodges openly embrace them with dog-centric amenities and accommodating service.

07/05/2021 By Cindy Hirschfeld

10 Top Dog-Friendly Hikes in the Roaring Fork Valley

These close-to-town routes come recommended by local pups and their owners.

07/05/2021 By Cindy Hirschfeld

6 Tips on Keeping Your Dog Safe and Sound in the Mountains

Read this advice from veterinarian Dr. Anne Cooley of the Aspen Animal Hospital before heading out.

07/05/2021 By Cindy Hirschfeld

What Are the Best Canine Breeds for Aspen Adventuring?

Town’s most popular dogs may not be the ones best suited to active outings.

07/05/2021 By Cindy Hirschfeld

Four Local Dogs and Their Humans Who Share Extra-Strong Bonds

Whether cheering up patients, working rescues, inspiring books, or serving as a special companion, these pups deserve a big paws up.

07/05/2021 By Sarah Kuta

4 Great Aspen-Area Swimming Spots for Pooches

Hot under the collar? Cool off at one of these places perfect for doggie-paddling.

07/05/2021 By Cindy Hirschfeld

5 Off-Leash Areas Around Aspen

Fido can romp to his heart’s content at these parks that allow supervised, untethered play.

07/05/2021 By Cindy Hirschfeld

How to Be on Your Best Behavior as a Dog Visiting Aspen

Answers to all of the questions your pooch may have when visiting the Roaring Fork Valley

07/05/2021 By Cindy Hirschfeld