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The Faces Of iFolios Investing

The Faces of Aspen

Presented by July 1, 2015 Published in the Midsummer/Fall 2015 issue of Aspen Sojourner

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Sarah Dogbe, Bob Glah, Chris Ryan, Andrew Pegler

At Ryan Investments, we’ve created iFolios®, a unique solution for investors seeking growth as well as protection. Most portfolio managers determine an asset allocation plan and then follow a “buy and hold” strategy. With increased volatility and risk in today’s markets, that’s no longer good enough. iFolios are custom portfolios of globally diversified index funds for individuals, trusts, and nonprofits. With iFolios, we actively and continually manage asset allocation using our trend-following indicators in an effort to beat benchmark returns and with less risk. iFolios were designed to systematically capture the available growth from up-trending markets while reducing exposure to down-trending markets. Let us help you grow your wealth—and keep it.

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