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Tom Sherlock, founder of SH Building Group, grew up in the construction industry, working with his father back east. After moving to the Aspen Valley in the 1990s with a business school degree, in 2005 he started Sherlock Homes, which evolved into SH Built in 2017. As founder and general manager of a local, family-operated company, Sherlock appreciates that visitors want to make a home in Aspen, having done so himself. SH Built tackles projects of all sizes—condo remodels, historic restorations, custom homes, and commercial projects with a dedication to superior building though transparency, trustworthiness, and professionalism.


Why is transparency so important to your business model?
As a client’s local representation in Aspen, transparency between client and builder is a paramount common thread. A builder must be clear on their client’s goals, and a client must unilaterally trust that the builder will achieve an ideal blend of quality, schedule, and budget to meet their goals. The same is expected from subcontractors. We associate with clients and subcontractors of high character who expect the best and who provide the best possible outcome for all involved in these projects!

What’s it like performing in such such a competitive environment?
Competition keeps the bar high and the values tangible. Contractors in our market work with many of the same providers, so pricing is similar. When selecting a contractor, an owner should be seeking to partner with the build group that best parallels their own goals and personality. SHB maintains a competitive pricing environment to net our clients the best value from our trusted subcontractors. We share all bids and project documentation with our clients. Our model is based around staying focused on the design, schedule, and budget intent.


What set’s SH Builders apart?
Top-level construction management! SH Built hires experienced, highly-detailed, trustworthy craftsmen to supervise projects. Our accounting team is incredibly detail-oriented, and our pay application process is consistent and transparent. We utilize Buildertrend, an online-based project management platform, which we have developed with the help of accounting, legal, and IT professionals over many years to maximize communications between clients, design teams, multiple builder departments, and subcontractors. A project-specific website allows clients to follow site conditions, budget and schedule updates, finish and product selections, and all project information in real time. The platform streamlines project expense review and approvals and then syncs directly to accounting, preventing data and multiplatform mistakes. The SH Built team has many years of experience working together to represent our clients from all over the world to achieve their goal of having a small slice of this very special place!

SH Built
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