Sojourner Salutes: Sloan Shoemaker

His unswerving advocacy to protect public lands has benefitted us all.

11/20/2018 By Allison Pattillo Photography by Ross Kribbs

People & Places

Wilderness Workshop Celebrates 50 years

Wilderness Workshop marked 50 years of public lands advocacy with Wildfeast at the Caribou Club and Wildfest at Owl Farm.

02/05/2018 Photography by Nancy M. Mayer

Call & Response

A Q&A With Wilderness Workshop Founders Connie Harvey and Joy Caudill

Thanks to the passion and foresight of these two trailblazing women—and the late Dottie Fox—the conservation non-profit is celebrating its 50th anniversary.

07/26/2017 By Alison Margo

People & Places

Wilderness Workshop’s Wildfest

With Aspen Sojourner as a proud sponsor, the inaugural fundraiser attracted scores of environmental supporters to the late Hunter S. Thompson’s Owl Farm in Woody Creek for live music, food, art, and a walk through the labyrinth.

11/27/2016 Photography by Nancy M. Mayer


Conservation Calling: Meet the Wilderness Workshop's Newest Trailblazer

Rebecca Mirsky returns to her roots, reenergizing the beloved protector of local lands.

06/30/2016 By Katie Shapiro

Conservation Call

How an Army of Local Volunteers Helps the Overstretched Forest Service Make Trail

Access to able bodies is essential to environmental nonprofits’ role in public-land management.

05/01/2015 Edited by Michael Miracle Photography by Daniel Bayer

Poetic Protection

Call of the Wild

The fifty-year-old Wilderness Act, which sanctified Aspen’s backyard, will be fêted this summer.

05/01/2014 By Tim Mutrie