Time Capsule

A Timeline of Aspen Ski History

Follow these milestones to track 75 years of lift-served skiing on Aspen Mountain, and impress your fellow skiers on the gondola.



Celebrating 75 Years of Skiing on Aspen Mountain

And paying tribute to the skiers, entrepreneurs, celebrities, and provocateurs who lived—and loved—the ride.

12/21/2021 By Catherine Lutz

Editor's Note

The Wonderful World of Aspen

Aspen's ties to the movie industry predate celebrity glitz, including early promotional shorts and even a film from Walt Disney himself.

12/21/2021 By Ted Katauskas

At Altitude

U.S. Ski Team Icon Spider Sabich's Legacy Revived

A new documentary celebrates one of the country’s best skiers—and a onetime Aspenite—after a long-overdue selection to the sport’s hall of fame.

12/21/2021 By Todd Hartley

Season’s Greetings

What’s Going On in Aspen and Snowmass This Winter

A dizzying number of new stores and art galleries, plus events both live and virtual, brighten the local scene.

12/23/2020 By Meredith C. Carroll


Chills and Thrills in Haunted Aspen

Are there actually spooky places and unexplained occurrences in the Roaring Fork Valley? For many people, the answer is a spirited “yes.”

02/27/2020 By M. John Fayhee Photography by Nick Tininenko

Skileb Spotting

The 43 Skilebrities Who Put Aspen on the Map

Whether for Olympian-caliber skills, progressive thinking, outsize influence, or sheer notoriety, these local legends raised our town's profile as a world-renowned ski resort.

11/27/2019 By Catherine Lutz


5 Things to Do This Weekend: August 9–11, 2019

Take a hike through history, cheer on the Ducky Derby, spend 24 hours at the Aspen Art Museum, and more.

08/07/2019 By Aspen Sojourner Staff


5 Things to Do This Weekend: August 2–4, 2019

From ’shrooms to science, this weekend's activities cover the gamut.

07/31/2019 By Aspen Sojourner Staff


A Look Back at Politics in Aspen, Which Is Anything but Usual

In this very weird election year, political tales from a town where nothing is normal seem more relevant than ever.

08/09/2016 Photography by Jay Cowan

Breaking Trail

The Complete Guide to Aspen's Storied Ski History

For as long as folks have lived here, they have ascended the mountains and slid down, whether climbing on foot and skiing on barrel staves or riding the gondola and sporting the latest K2s.

02/01/2015 By Tim Cooney

They are a Changin'

Times to Go

A Prominent Piece of Aspen Quirk Gives Way to Progress

02/01/2013 By Stewart Oksenhorn