It’s a Different Era at the Aspen Art Museum

With a new director and must-see exhibits, the Aspen Art Museum honors its past with an eye toward the future.

12/23/2020 By Dipika Rai

Virtual Reality

Tune into Aspen's Summer Arts Season

Music, theater, art exhibits, lectures—find a mix of live and online programming.

07/01/2020 By Cindy Hirschfeld

Natural Selection

Meet the Aspen Art Museum's New Head Curator Max Weintraub

He debuts his first local show along with a commitment to community discourse.

02/19/2020 By Dipika Rai

Truth in Art

Aspen Art Museum Offers Exhibits by Rashid Johnson and John Armleder

These two new shows feature very different but equally thought-provoking artists.

07/23/2019 By Dipika Rai

Beauty, Bittersweet

Discover This New Margaret Kilgallen Exhibit

A posthumous show at the Aspen Art Museum celebrates an artistic talent cut tragically short.

02/19/2019 By Kristen Lummis

Art Out Loud

Have You Apologized Lately?

Sure, the noon fire siren is cool, but so is the thought-provoking daily performance at this Aspen Art Museum exhibit.

02/04/2019 Photography by Allison Pattillo

Zombie Love

Winter of the Living Dead at the Aspen Art Museum

A new exhibit aims to rouse us from our slumber before the apocalypse hits.

11/21/2018 By Andrew Travers


Aspen Weekend Agenda: August 17–19, 2018

Don't miss out—it's the final weekend of the season for the Aspen Music Festival, JAS Café, and Theatre Aspen.

08/15/2018 By Aspen Sojourner Staff


Aspen Weekend Agenda: August 10–12, 2018

Rest now, because it's going to be an awesome weekend full of musical and theatrical performances, grand openings, and trail running.

08/08/2018 By Aspen Sojourner Staff


Aspen Weekend Agenda, July 20–22, 2018

It's time to gear up for a packed weekend of art, golf, dancing, and world class music.

07/18/2018 By Aspen Sojourner Staff


Aspen Weekend Agenda: July 6 – July 8, 2018

Get ready to move and groove to the music this weekend.

07/04/2018 By Aspen Sojourner Staff


Aspen Weekend Agenda: June 29–July 1, 2018

The line up of events for this weekend will be music to your ears.


For the Birds

Paula Hayes Shows Her Affinity for the Outdoors at the Aspen Art Museum

Known for her living artwork, the visual artist has created a tiny Alpine meadow downtown.

06/06/2018 By Allison Pattillo


Aspen Weekend Agenda: April 27-29

Your weekend entertainment awaits with Lululemon and whiskey, free music at the Belly Up, belly laughs at The Temporary, and Science Sunday at Jimmy's

04/25/2018 By Aspen Sojourner Staff

Mixed Media

Behind-the-Scenes with the Aspen Art Museum's Winter Slate

Five exhibits encourage introspection and reflection, as well as contemplation of the natural elements around us.

11/18/2017 By Carolyn Sackariason

Gondola Gossip

What's up with Those Red Cups on This Season's Lift Tickets?

Here's the story behind the 13th annual Art in Unexpected Places partnership.

11/08/2017 By Cindy Hirschfeld

Mountains of Art

Aspen Art Museum and Aspen Skiing Company Mark 10th Anniversary of Art in Unexpected Places

The collaboration between two unlikely partners has aesthetically enhanced Aspen's ski experience.

11/30/2016 By Andrew Travers

On Screen

Seven Film Events to Catch This Fall

There's a lot more to see than the leaves this season.

09/13/2016 By Katie Shapiro

Heat Up

The Essential Guide to Aspen's Summer Events

Whether you want world-class music, provocative visual arts, or transcendent theater, you’ll find it in Aspen this season.

05/01/2016 With Todd Hartley, Catherine Lutz, and Brook Sutton Illustrations by Nicole Licht By Grace Lichtenstein

Gallery Guides

The Art of Engagement

Aspen Art Museum’s new Guide program

11/01/2015 By Lissa Ballinger