Aspen Chamber Resort Association’s annual luncheon at the Hotel Jerome is the way to kick off Food & Wine Classic in Aspen weekend in high spirits. Attendees enjoyed a delicious meal and sampled wines from Spain while listening to the featured talk by Leslie Sbrocco, an author, wine consultant, and television host. Julia Theisen, vice president of sales and marketing for ACRA, concluded the luncheon with the "Aspen Pledge." In case you need a refresher, keep reading. 

The Aspen Pledge

I pledge to explore Aspen responsibly.

I will come prepared for any experience.

I will feed my sense of adventure, but never feed the wildlife.

I will forgo high fashion, and dress for high elevations.

I will venture into the great unknown, while staying on the known trails.

I will carve the snow and not the trees.

I will find myself without Mountain Rescue having to find me.

I will hit the slopes without hitting other skiers.

I will take awesome selfies, without endangering myself-ie.

I will camp only where permitted and secure a permit when necessary.

I will remain in one piece, by leaving the wildlife in peace.

I will adhere to ski patrol closures as I wander here and there.

I will not ski in jeans.

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