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Four Mother’s Day Ideas Beyond Just Brunch

Order a fresh bouquet from Mountain Flowers ASAP and plan one of these alternative outings instead.

By Katie Shapiro May 10, 2017

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Reservations are required for day passes ($18) to Avalanche Ranch just outside of Carbondale on Highway 133. 

Brunch is kind of the classic, or basic, way to celebrate Mother's Day depending how you feel about combining meals. Thankfully, mountain town life means there are plenty of other options for celebrating the moms in your life. You can always order a fresh bouquet from Mountain Flowers of Aspen ASAP, and then plan one of these options that are sure to please. 

Get Artsy:
The Aspen Art Museum's annual brunch soirée, which is far from basic with bottomless mimosas, art activities and a brunch buffet, isn't sold out! If brunch isn't your thing, the Museum is open until 6 p.m. on Sundays, so stop in for free admission to look at current exhibits.

Hit a Trail:
The forecast is looking beautiful for Sunday, so it's a perfect excuse to pick a new hiking trail to try together. It might be early in the season, but there are plenty of dry ones to explore: Smuggler-Hunter Creek loop, East of Aspen, Rio Grande, Sunnyside, Rim, and around Ashcroft. Don't forget about all of the down valley options, too, from our friends at Aspen Trail Finder.  

Pack a Picnic:
Pick up a bottle or few from the best rosé selection in town at Of Grape & Grain (111 S. Monarch St., 970-925-8600), then swing by Butcher’s Block or Meat & Cheese’s Farm Shop for choice charcuterie. Head to one of the beachy banks along the Stillwater stretch of the Roaring Fork River for the afternoon and take in the sights and sounds of the Northstar Nature Preserve. 

Go for a Soak:
Head down valley to any one of our area hot springs for a rejuvenating catch up session in soothing mineral waters: Glenwood Hot Springs Resort, Iron Mountain Hot Springs, or Avalanche Ranch. For a free dip au natural hit Penny Hot Springs, located below Highway 133 and on your left heading east from Highway 82. Mile marker 55 marks the spot to park the car and take the dirt trail down to this enclave on the river.

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