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A handful of friends start frequenting a chill bar or restaurant. Then that group’s extended circle of peers catches on and starts to swing by. In a magical combination of people and place, the spirit of just hanging out overshadows the urge to rage, and a righteous scene is born.

When that scene pops up in an unforeseen place—say, Boogie’s Diner? Even better. “I guess it’s the new locals’ spot,” says Bo Weinglass. The 25-year-old took the reins of the 1987 East Cooper Avenue institution from his father, Leonard “Boogie” Weinglass, last year, and pushed to open a bar adjacent to the second-floor restaurant. (Twin sister Skye manages the clothing shop downstairs and Little Boogie’s across the street.)

An outdoor patio boasting Ajax views still accommodates lunch and early-dinner crowds; after hours, the watering hole—outfitted with two seventy-inch TVs, six beer taps, and an L-shaped bar hand-studded with 13,000 beer bottle caps—has become a no-frills magnet for Aspen’s young and restless.

So, what does Dad think? “He’s hesitant,” Weinglass admits, adding, “the lights on the side of the balcony haven’t been on in a long time.”

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