Summer Sippin'

The Wine of the Moment

A local expert tells us what to drink right now.

By Michael Miracle July 1, 2014 Published in the Midsummer/Fall 2014 issue of Aspen Sojourner

Jonathan Pullis, CEO of Chefs Club Aspen, as well as a Master Sommelier: “It’s summer. That means crisp and dry whites and rosés. No oak, no butter, please. Just ultra-pleasant, highly refreshing bottles. I’m thinking of wines made from indigenous grapes, such as muscadets from the Loire, Spanish albariños, Assyrtikos from Greece. But if I have to pick one bottle it would be the French rosé called Triennes. It comes from Provence, about twenty miles from the Mediterranean, and is made mostly from the cinsault grape. It tastes like sunshine in a bottle. There’s great floral aromatics, with scents of watermelon and wild strawberry. The acidity is well-balanced. It’s not very fashionable right now, so it’s a tremendous value—about $36 on our list at Chefs Club. At home, if your bottle’s not cold enough, it will hold up just fine to a few ice cubes and even a spritz of club soda. No matter where or how you drink it, it’s pink, sexy, and delicious.”

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