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The Hotel Jerome grants new meaning to the term "frosty beverages" from December to March (weather willing), as ice-carving guru Scott Rella, of Aspen Vail Ice unveils an intimate, octagon-shaped frozen lounge on the Living Room terrace. Inside, a vodka bar showcases bottles on carved display shelves. Some calculations behind the cool construction:

9: Height in feet of the ice lounge on all sides

3,040: Gallons of water frozen

24,000: Total pounds of ice 

6: Workers who unloaded the ice and built the structure

80: Ice blocks required

300: Weight in pounds of each block

$50,000: Cost of the computer numerical control machine that drove a router to carve the interior shelves and a window

3: Winter Olympic Games at which Rella has competed in ice carving

50+: Varieties of vodka available from around the world

40: Maximum temperature in degrees required to preserve the ice

1: Vodka Czar offering personalized tastings

150: Weight in pounds of the twinkling “Vertical Branch” chandelier custom made by the Paul Ferrante team

6: Maximum number of guests inside 

How to get in:

  • The Stoli Ice House is first come, first serve (no reservations). Cost is $50 per person, plus tax.
  • Hours of operation are 3 p.m.–10 p.m., seven days a week.
  • Ask a bartender or server in the Living Room lounge, or the host at Prospect restaurant, to put your name on the waitlist. 
  • You'll be alerted by text when it's your turn (in groups of two or five at a time).

What's inside:

  • Before entering, don a Canada Goose down jacket, courtesy of Gorsuch, to stay warm during the tasting.
  • The vodka czar (a.k.a. vodka sommelier) talks you through the different vodkas available, their origin, the distillation process, and other facts.
  • The experience takes approximately 20 minutes.
  • You'll receive four 0.75-ounce pours of vodka.

Hotel Jerome
330 E. Main St., Aspen

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