3 New Body Treatments to Shake up Your Spa Routine

Can cannabis, nitrogen, and salt really help make you feel better?

By Katie Shapiro August 17, 2016 Published in the Midsummer/Fall 2016 issue of Aspen Sojourner

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The Salt Therapy studio at Fahrenheit Body Spas is lined with pure Himalayan salt. which are lighted and heated during each relaxation and inhalation session. 

Cannabis-Infused Massage

THE LOWDOWN: Wellness guru Pila Xian is the first in Aspen to introduce topicals—from Denver-based Apothecanna—into massage. A new word to know in the legal cannabis lexicon, topicals are formulated with plant extracts but without THC, so they won’t get you high. During Xian’s signature Head in the Clouds massage, the non-psychoactive, healing properties are absorbed directly into the skin. 
THE UPSIDE: Said to relieve pain, stress, inflammation, muscle soreness, and headaches
PRICE: $155
SPA: Heaven on Earth, 205 S. Mill St.,

Full-Body Cryotherapy

THE LOWDOWN: The treatment is done as you stand on a rotating platform in an open chamber, your head above it and feet and hands protected with gloves and slippers. Nitrogen gas is then infused for a temp of -200 degrees Fahrenheit. Not to worry— an expert technician oversees all three minutes of the fast and frosty blast.
THE UPSIDE: Said to shorten recovery time and improve athletic performance; relieve stress or injury; reduce cellulite and signs of aging; release endorphins (read about our digital editor's first hand experience here)
PRICE: $85
SPA: The Fix, 501 Rio Grande Pl.,

Salt Therapy

THE LOWDOWN: First discovered by European monks centuries ago in natural caverns, the therapy now takes place in a room lined with pure Himalayan salt bricks, heated to release negative ions. A halogenerator then grinds the sodium chloride, which is diffused into the air for you to inhale deeply.
THE UPSIDE: Said to improve respiratory health, relieve allergy and asthma symptoms, and improve skin
PRICE: $20 (group session), $160 (private session) 
SPA: Fahrenheit Body Spas, 241 Robinson St., Basalt,

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