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We Aspenites love our cycling. From spinning up Maroon Creek Road to barreling down Deadline at Sky Mountain Park, it’s part and parcel of the town’s mind, body, spirit ethos. Meanwhile, urbanites across the United States have been flocking to popular stationary bike classes for more than a decade, but one brand of spinning has reached official cult status: SoulCycle. Find out what all the buzz is about this holiday season as the fitness phenom, in partnership with Smartwater, is popping up for 12 days in Aspen. Here, five reasons to clip in before (or after) you hit the gondola. After all, April is a long way off.

1. The Workout: With an emphasis on quads and glutes, spinning is the perfect way to fire up your legs before blasting down the bumps and steeps. The ride also incorporates hands-free pedaling that forces your core to engage and free weights for a one-two punch of cardio and toning. In other words, feel free to skip your skinning session this week.

2. The Music: The blacked-out, candlelit studio below the former Boogie’s Diner space promises to feel more disco than gym, thumping with heart-pounding beats.

3. The Inspiration: Some instructors amass dedicated followings, as their coaching extends well beyond proper cycling form. “When you add resistance, you add courage”—SoulCycle mantras are a thing.

4. The Resolution Jumpstart: During each workout, instructors encourage setting intentions as a method to change your day, your body, your life....

5. The Stocking Stuffers: Buy limited-edition SoulCycle Aspen merch, including men’s and women’s apparel, and exclusive cold weather items from knit beanies to cozy coats . 

Destination Soul: Aspen
Dec. 22–Jan. 2
534 Cooper Ave.
$40 per class, including shoe rental and a Smartwater

Updated: October 23, 2017

Tapping it back is coming back! After a nearly sold-out inaugural run in the iconic (and still vacant) Boogie's building last year and an outdoor studio at the American Express Platinum House during the Food & Wine Classic in June, SoulCycle has officially announced its return. The Destination Soul: Aspen studio will set up shop the same as last season with 58 bikes and boutique with limited-edition collections and winter accessories. Bike signups for its signature 45-minute spin class begin on Monday, December 18 (12 p.m. MST). Until then, get your spin on at Aspen's full-time cycling studio, Cyclebar.  

Destination Soul: Aspen
Dec. 21, 2017–Jan. 1, 2018
534 Cooper Ave.
$40 per class, including shoe rental and a Smartwater


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