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As someone who craves a great massage like some people crave coffee or chocolate, I’m happy when I get a therapist with a firm touch and intuitive way of finding the most stubborn knots. But Irisha Steele, director of Remede at the St. Regis Aspen for a little more than two years, aims to nudge the spa experience from merely transcendent to transformative.

“No longer is just a massage enough,” she says. “How do we go deeper with our guests?”

To that end, Remede now offers custom malas with a riverside blessing ceremony, energy-balancing jewelry, all-natural and vegan facials, and, yes, a massage, but this one using lotion infused with CBD oil, made from chemical compounds in the hemp plant said to relieve pain.

As the first St. Regis spa in the country to offer a CBD massage, product selection was critical, says Steele. The cream is custom-made for Remede by Basalt-based That’s Natural. “Our lead therapist tried about 20 products. This one was the best,” she notes.

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The mala ceremony was inspired by a dream Steele had of a similar experience. “This hits a different chord of inner self,” she says. “We are moving more to mindfulness and deep healing.” After a consultation with local company Seeds of Remembrance, guests receive a personalized string of prayer beads, then partake in a guided meditation by the Roaring Fork River or, in winter, at the North Star Nature Preserve.

At the spa boutique, guests can now purchase gemstone bracelets and pendants from Awaken the Peace, founded by spiritual healer (and part-time Aspenite) Katie Beckley. The jewelry includes a charm filled with an exact blend of high-vibrational gems, minerals, and metals designed to remove energy blockage and counteract unhealthy vibrations. (Have a spa employee perform the “muscle test” for some low-tech proof.)

After receiving one of the bracelets, do I feel more energized and balanced? It’s hard to say, but, not wanting to leave anything to chance, I’ve been wearing it almost every day. 

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