Fitness Face-Off

Two Locals Debut New Workout-Enhancing Products

We compare the two, head to head.

By Allison Pattillo November 21, 2018 Published in the Holiday 2018 issue of Aspen Sojourner

Vibe Hex Pro

The Inventor

David Mills, personal trainer and orthopedic exercise specialist, with Bill Fabrocini, orthopedic physical therapist and sports performance coach
Peter Holman, strength and conditioning specialist and physical therapist

The Product 

DM: Vibe and Vibe Hex Pro, $99/$119
PH: Nautilus Glute Drive, $2,500,

What It Does

DM: Takes the much-loved/hated foam roller one step further, with a four-speed vibrating mechanism for myofascial massage on sore muscles
PH: First-ever plate-loaded machine for hip thrusts (a.k.a. glute bridges), which increase strength and power

Nautilus Glute Drive


DM: “I knew the benefits of vibration and rolling out with lacrosse balls and decided to merge the two.”
PH: “I’d been wanting to prescribe hip thrusts to clients, but the exercise is hard to set up and is unsafe on the lower back.”

Standout Features 

DM: Its ergonomic peanut shape and portability
PH: Allows you to safely set up a weighted hip thrust on your own

Target Market

DM: Anyone who wants to get even more from rolling out
PH: Commercial gyms; well-heeled home gym owners

Buy or Try

DM: Buy online; try it at yoga studio Shakti Shala, which offers roller recovery and heated stretch group classes.
PH: Try it at the Gym of Aspen.

Aspen as Incubator

DM: “It’s a great place to create, full of open-minded and amazingly talented people everywhere you turn.”
PH: “I’m trying to influence the industry from a small demographic.” 

Other Inventions

DM: “This is my first!”
PH: The TRX Rip Trainer

Favorite Local Workout

DM: “Skinning up Aspen Mountain and getting pancakes at Bonnie’s
PH: “Ski conditioning classes with balance, strength, and cardio”

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