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Discover Aspen's Only Spot for the Lagree Method

A new exercise studio offers the cult-fave workout that will have your muscles screaming.

By Allison Pattillo February 13, 2019 Published in the Midwinter/Spring 2019 issue of Aspen Sojourner

Convincing hard-charging mountain athletes to skip their daily dose of fresh air is a losing proposition, which is why trainer and physical therapist Jen Metcalf proposes something different: the short, intense workouts created by Sebastien Lagree, whom the New York Times once called the “torturer to the stars.” At Higher Terrain, her Aspen studio (formerly Ritual Aspen), these group sessions include strength training, cardio, flexibility, and endurance—all in 45 minutes. 

“We want to get people in, out, and on to their next athletic activity,” says the mom of two, who is also a certified Pilates instructor.  

The studio offers a variety of other classes, from high-intensity interval training (HIIT) to hot Pilates, but, notably, it’s the first place in Aspen to offer Lagree’s body-busting routine, performed on a souped-up Pilates machine known as the Megaformer. Popular in New York, Miami, and Los Angeles, the workouts involve a whole lot of sweat, and sometimes tears. 

Wondering what sort of results to expect? Consider the enviably fit Michelle Obama, Kim Kardashian, and Meghan Markle, all Megaformer fans.

601 E Hyman Ave, 970-230-5816,

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