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Teaford’s sketches suggest more friends for Wally in the future.

Yield to uphill skiers. Always stay in control. Keep off closed trails. Most adults recognize the Skier’s Responsibility Code. But kids? They’re too focused on making their skis look like pizza and French fries. Jeff Teaford, a local illustrator and Aspen Skiing Company employee, has pitched kid-appropriate ways to teach skier safety for fifteen years, and last season he convinced the SkiCo to debut Wally, a safety-promoting cartoon mastodon. Named after Wallace Westfeldt, a local snowboard competitor who died during a ski-film shoot in 2008, Wally now has his own trail at Snowmass, just off of Dawdler Flats. Aspen ski schools are distributing “Wally Says” stickers (Tips Up! Safety First!) to students, and Wally posters cheerfully endorsing safety rules will be on display at Buttermilk and Snowmass. Remember, kids: don’t drag your tusks.

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