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What’s in Your Bag, Kaitlin Windle?

When pitching the Aspen Santa Fe Ballet to potential donors, development director Kaitlin Windle knows of what she speaks.

By MIchael Miracle February 1, 2014 Published in the Midwinter/Spring 2014 issue of Aspen Sojourner

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Image: Anne Reeser

She started dancing at age 3 and left home to do so professionally with the Pennsylvania Ballet by 16. Windle grasps the money side of the operation, too, having already spent five years in the 100-hour-week world of New York finance by the ripe old age of 28. Now, just hitting 30, Windle skis, socializes, and has even found time to launch the Collective Society of Aspen, a nonprofit focused on getting the next generation of Aspenites to support arts and culture. 

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Image: Anne Reeser

1. The bag: The leather and cloth Deux Lux expands on the bottom, holds a ton of stuff, and goes from day to night. - 2. Ferragamo Wallet: It holds everything and can double as a clutch. - 3. Steffner Hat:Perfect for covering post-ski helmet hair. - 4. The Little Book of Etiquette: Just in case someone needs a reminder not to talk politics. - 5. Windle’s iPhone case is an ode to the Aspen fox. - 6. The Philips portable iPhone speaker: Great for playing Frank Sinatra while hot-tubbing. - 7. A nice natural pick-me-up, Moxi condensed oxygen is also a conversation starter. - 8. The CPR and first-aid tips in the survival-themed deck of cards“perfect for a blonde like me in the wild.” - 9. Aspen Club & Spa waterbottle, for the Hi2T classes with Dirk. - 10. Ferragamo sunglasses: “A guilty pleasure.” - 11. Whether for when a cold is coming on or for electrolytes after revelry till 4 a.m, Emergen-C delivers. - 12. The car keys’ curtain tassel makes them easy to find. - 13. The compact mirror from Japan is a favorite keepsake. - 14. Black Label Detox BB Beauty Balm from Dr. Jart. - 15. Caribou Club matches“you never know when you’ll need one.” - 16. Vintage driving gloves from Paris. - 17. Wine opener from the St. Regis. - 18. Tiger Balm: For sore muscles after skiing. - 19. Giorgio Armani Sheer Lipstick from the CosBar “feels so good I can’t stop putting it on.” - 20. Druzy hair clip from Bendel’s in NYC—very Aspen chic. - 21. Pearl earrings from Japan dress up any outfit. - 22. The Warburg Pincus pen and leather day planner from Kate’s Paperie in New York let Windle look back on her year.

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