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Dear Meredith: Is It Okay to Stay in My Aspen Bubble During Covid-19?

Your only-in-Aspen questions, answered.

By Meredith Carroll July 16, 2020 Published in the Summer/Fall 2020 issue of Aspen Sojourner

Q: Before the Covid-19 pandemic hit, I had already been in the throes of an existential Aspen crisis: There’s nowhere else on the planet I’d rather be, but by staying here, am I just avoiding the real world? Now, while I’m happier than ever to be tucked away in the valley, I almost feel obligated to relocate in order to make a wider impact. Is it finally time for me to burst out of the bubble and seek a more meaningful life in less of a fairytale land?

A: If you are a ventilator or PPE manufacturer, you probably should go where your skills can be put to better use. Short of that, though, don’t sell local realness so short. Hollywood stars, Wall Street elites, and actual royalty aside, there exist authentic people in Aspen with legitimate problems and issues, the solving of which will always require the collective efforts of empathetic, bright, and invested people. While it may feel jarring to enjoy the view out of your window while watching tragedy unfold in other places, savoring the surrounding natural beauty neither detracts from suffering elsewhere, nor should it distract you from tackling worthwhile regional endeavors.

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