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ASPEN CENTER FOR ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES' EVENING ON THE LAKE honored keynote speaker E.O. Wilson at a magical soirée at Hallam Lake Preserve with a gourmet, sustainable dinner from Rock Bottom Ranch.
1. Rob and Beth Mobilian; 2. Rebekah and Jonathan Pullis; 3. Helen and Wally Obermeyer (ACES trustee); 4. Chris Lane (ACES CEO), Jeff Berkus (ACES board president and event host committee), and Gail Schwartz.

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Aspen hosted the stage three finish and stage four start of the 2015 USA PRO CHALLENGE. Aspen is one of the few towns to accommodate the race for all of its five years. 5. Steve Skadron, Patti Clapper, and Adam Frisch; 6. Beth Buehler, Rebecca Cole, and Justin Todd; 7. Steven Shane.

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ARTASPEN returned to the Ice Garden for its sixth consecutive year with thirty renowned galleries in tow. Aspen Sojourner threw a get-together as part of the festivities to benefit the Aspen Historical Society. 8. Rick Friedman and Cindy Lou Wakefield; 9. Nathalie Desmazieres and David Rothermel.

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COLDWELL BANKER MASON MORSE celebrated the opening of its newly unveiled office space on Hyman Avenue. 10. Craig Monzio, Johnryan Flynn, Kim Briscoe, Jonathan Boxer, and Leticia Hanke; 11. David and Minette Stapleton, Michele and Jim Cardamone.

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ASPEN SANTA FE BALLET'S DANCING WITH THE ASPEN STARS event at the St. Regis Aspen benefited the multidimensional organization’s programming, from the acclaimed performances to the exceptional School of ASFB. 12. Emily Proctor and Peter Franc; 13. Jeffrey Gorsuch, Clare Evert-Shane, Ramona Bruland, and Amnon Rodan; 14. Gala chair Rita and Jeff Adler; 15. Pete Leo Walker and Ramona Bruland.

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MAISON ULLENS opened its doors to an in-store event attended by founder Myriam Ullens and artistic director Kim Laursen to honor Aspen Santa Fe Ballet. Aspen Sojourner co-sponsored the intimate event.
16. Jean-Philippe Malaty (ASFB executive director), Tracye Tackbary (Maison Ullens Aspen store director), Tom Mossbrucker (ASFB artistic director); 17. Baroness Myriam Ullens, Kim Laursen, and Nancy Rogers.

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JAZZ ASPEN SNOWMASS'S NATIONAL COUNCIL, a celebration fit for the organization’s silver anniversary, was held on the rooftop of the Aspen Art Museum at sunset before Pacific Mambo Orchestra jazzed up the place. 18. Judi Altman, Nathan and Phyllis Shmalo, and Alan Altman; 19. Jim Horowitz, Laura Welch, and Nicole Giantonia; 20. Pete and Sam Louras.

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The third annual ASPENBRAINLAB led an exploration of the creative, healthy, impaired, and future brain. Glenda Greenwald, president and founder of the Aspen Brain Forum Foundation/AspenBrainLab, enlisted a host of interesting speakers. 21. Gina Murdock, Dr. Kelly Posner Gerstenhaber, Joseph Dial, Sharon Loeb, and Glenda Greenwald; 22. Karen Amadon, Amanda Boxtel, and Joseph Dial.

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Aspen Sojourner sponsored Aspen Music Festival and School’s GORDON AND LILLIAN HARDY SOCIETY RECEPTION on the evening American violinist and conductor Joshua Bell brought down the house at Benedict Music Tent. 23. Mary Ryerson and George Hart; 24. Sharon Isbin, Joan Harris, and Alan Fletcher; 25. Nina Eisenstat, John Rojak, and Kait Mahony.

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Over 550 people attended the SIXTEENTH ANNUAL BASH FOR THE BUDDIES at Lenny “Boogie” Weinglass’s Merry-Go-Ranch. Proceeds from the fabulous ’50s-themed event benefit Buddy Program’s mission to mentor over one thousand youths. 26. Kyle and Sage Raymond; 27. Deborah Daine, Nancy Mayer, Yoly Davis, and Janet Roberts; 28. John and Jan Sarpa; 29. Rachel Goodman and Leticia Hanke; 30. Elena Inozemtseva and Ivana Alessi.

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CHALLENGE ASPEN'S TWELFTH ANNUAL VINCE GILL & AMY GRANT GALA AND GOLF CLASSIC helped, once again, to impact lives by presenting meaningful experiences to individuals faced with cognitive or physical challenges. 31.Breezie and Cindi Davis; 32. Jeff Carlson and Dave Pygott; 33. Retired Marine 1st Lt. Brian “Ski,” McKenzi, and Maya Donarski.

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Guests donned primo ’50s party attire at the fourteenth annual LES DAMES D'ASPEN FLEUR DE LIS FETE ELVIS BASH, held at Hotel Jerome.
34. Christine Gerschel (president/executive director of Les Dames) and Shirley Millard; 35. Caryn Gerschel-Lamb, Christine Benedetti, Holly Upper, and Jessica Hite; 36. Greg Erwin and Billie Pierce-Erwin; 37. Jon and Karla Kelly.

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A DOG DAY AFTERNOON COMMUNITY CARNIVAL, a free, fun-filled family event presented by the Friends of the Aspen Animal Shelter, was a “doggone” success with live music, food and drink, and more.
38. Andrew Helsley, Eva Pekkala, Lynda Edwards, and Jim Butchart (the ASC catering team); 39. Carla Heinrichson and Cheryl Wyly; 40. Seth Sachson (executive director of Aspen Animal Shelter) and Felix, Bates, and Patsy Kurkulis.

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THEATRE ASPEN’s National Council opening night of Jon Robin Baitz’s Other Desert Cities featured a cocktail reception hosted by Aspen Sojourner. 41. Emma Bauer, Ed and Julia Foran; 42. Charles and Angela Cunniffe; 43. Paige Price, Elise Kinnon, and Kirsten Wyatt. 

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The sold-out ninth annual NATIONAL JEWISH HEALTH BELLA SERA GALA at Belly Up Aspen honored local Shelly Friedstein, raised $600,000 in funds, and lifted spirits with a performance by the Beach Boys’ Brian Wilson. 44. Shelly and Golda Friedstein; 45.Michael Salem and Michael Goldberg; 46. Linda and David Stein; 47. Barbara and Aaron Fleck, and Lisa Quackenbush.