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The Face of Human Movement & Sports Performance

Presented by May 1, 2016 Published in the Summer 2016 issue of Aspen Sojourner

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Glen McLeod

With more than twenty years of physical therapy and sports medicine experience, Glen McLeod has developed a unique approach for integrated rehabilitation and sports performance.

Glen believes that structure truly dictates function, which has led him to specialize in human-movement analysis. He holds advanced certifications in Selective Functional Movement Assessment and is a Level 3 Medical Provider with the Titleist Performance Institute. Combining that education with manual therapy interventions and functional strength and stability training allows Glen to diagnose and treat not just pain and dysfunction, but also to correct the underlying fundamental movement patterns, muscle weaknesses, and joint restrictions.

From the assessment of golf-specific movement patterns to video gait analysis to post-operative rehabilitation, reconditioning, and return to training, Glen can lead you in unlocking your human potential and sports performance.

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