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Timberline Pool and Spa

Founded in 2004 by Steven, who is a third-generation pool builder, and Ashlee Simons, what makes Timberline Pool and Spa unique is that not only do they design pools and spas, their primary focus is handling all aspects of building them.

Presented by Timberline Pool and Spa February 19, 2019 Published in the Midwinter/Spring 2019 issue of Aspen Sojourner

Ashlee and Steven Simons

The full service operation includes a maintenance division to keep pools and spas in top shape, from Aspen to Vail, Gunnison to Lake City, and beyond. 

What should people know before they start designing their pool or spa?
It’s important for clients to consider the intent of their pool or spa. Is it going to be inside or outside? Is the intent to add aesthetics to landscaping, for working out, family recreation, or a spa and cold plunge in conjunction with a home gym? These factors will guide our design process and material recommendations.

Does our mountain weather present special challenges?
Our clients often want to re-create the design of the pool at their Florida home. We suggest modifications to ensure the final design is headache-free at altitude and in mountain weather. We recommend automatic pool covers (that can be disguised with stones) both for safety and maintenance. Standard heating systems aren’t as effective at our altitude, so we use boilers and heat exchangers for consistent temperatures. Freeze/thaw is also an issue, especially when it comes to choosing tiles. We ensure the tiles are frost and chemical resistant and can handle 100-degree temperature variations over the course of a day. This really comes into play in houses on Red Mountain. 

What trends are you seeing in pool and spa design?
Our clients gravitate toward a more natural, pond look, selecting darker colors in tiles and plaster. Another popular shift is for smooth finishes, as opposed to a rough plaster finish, to help bathing suits last longer.

Timberline Pool and Spa
2206 Mustang St, Silt

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