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The Face of the New Breed Of Aspen Lawyer

Daryl Cramer moved to Aspen eight years ago, bringing along his big-city law practice and energy, closing deals around the clock from our mountain town.

Presented by Accretive Law PC July 10, 2020

Daryl B. Cramer, Esq.

 “I was a little worried that practicing in Aspen would draw me into the ‘mountain time’ mentality,” says Cramer. That hasn’t happened. He has instead become a trusted source for local lawyers, brokers, and CPAs with complex transactional and tax needs, while also developing a global portfolio of elite real estate investors and corporate execs. “With the new breed of Aspenite—people who can work anywhere and want to be in the best place on earth—I’ve been able to make the contacts to expand my practice all over the world,” he says. As the government has become more aggressive in enforcing and collecting tax from non-US persons, his experience in structuring ownership to minimize tax exposure and to address asset protection and privacy concerns of non-US persons is particularly valuable in our community. Whether it’s real estate, finance, or M&A, Daryl Cramer gets the deal done.

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