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What’s in Your Bag, Shawn Thomson- Palermo?

Shawn Thomson-Palermo is a logistics maven.

By Michael Miracle July 1, 2014 Published in the Midsummer/Fall 2014 issue of Aspen Sojourner

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Image: Anne Reeser

As the owner/CEO of RMC, an Aspen-headquartered destination management and special events company that turned twenty-five this year, she and her staff orchestrate events and meetings all over the U.S. for groups ranging from twenty people to 5,000. One day she’s in Austin; the next she’s in New York or Cabo. Aspenites know RMC’s work for local nonprofits including Jazz Aspen Snowmass, for whom Thomson-Palermo and crew once turned the Greenwald Pavilion into an outdoor disco. Every event is different and the details to attend to innumerable, so Thomson-Palermo carries a bag of tricks. 

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Image: Anne Reeser

1. The bag: A classic LOUIS VUITTON, her third in twenty years. - 2. KEYS: Car, house, offices. - 3.For figuring out how far over budget you are, a CALCULATOR—“‘cause you’re never under budget!” -4. TOOTH CARE: she’s often face-to-face with clients. - 5. Two CHARGERS, always: “I am often somewhere from 5:30 a.m. till 1 a.m.” - 6. Picture FRAME: Take a picture, print it, and give it to the client, all in the same day. - 7. MAKEUP BAG: for freshening up before the event. - 8. The iPAD lets her show concepts to clients and take pictures, too. - 9. Stress—it can cause a headache. So can forgetting to drink water when you’re so busy. ASPIRIN helps. - 10. A MINI CURLING IRON for more freshening up. - 11. HAIR SPRAY: For even more freshening up. - 12. LSU PEN: Go Tigers! - 13. RMC NOTE CARDS: for writing thank you notes to clients—“always do it the day of.” - 14. EYE DROPS: Long days turn eyes red. - 15. PINS can help fine tune the way fabrics fall on a stage. - 16. Last-minute trips out of the country can’t happen sans PASSPORT. - 17. For fixing items that tear or break, she carries IRON-ON PATCHES in a variety of colors. - 18. STATIC GUARD: “From my pantyhose to my dress to the fabrics we lay, things get clingy.” - 19. SUNGLASSES: a Colorado necessity. - 20. PEDOMETER: “Let’s me know if I need to do more exercise on the way home.” - 21. A WOOD PEN treats scratches and marks on furniture—“absolutely vital for quick fixes.” - 22. SCISSORS: Thomson-Palermo cuts flowers, fabric, string, a tag someone hasn’t removed from a dress.  - 23. 100-foot TAPE MEASURE. Some clients ask exactly how many feet and inches between the bar and the stage. - 24.Most common SCOTCH TAPE fix? A tear in a table linen. - 25. Many things can be fixed with CRAZY GLUE: “I’ve even put my own heel back on.” - 26. Taking glasses on and off, screws get loose. A SCREWDRIVER tightens things up.

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