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Shades of Cool

No other accessory or article of clothing can alter an outfit like a pair of sunglasses.

By Erik Hesselman February 1, 2015 Published in the Midwinter/Spring 2015 issue of Aspen Sojourner

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Don a pair of Wayfarers while wearing a three-piece suit, and you shift from stiff to suave. Aspen has such a surplus of interesting eyewear that there’s a perfect pair for even the most specific scenarios. Here’s proof.

For an elegant midday affair

Aviators come in two types: classic, like these Ralph Laurens, and radically stylized, as seen here by Prada. Both channel the verve of old Hollywood.
1. Nautical pilot sunglasses, $260, at Ralph Lauren.
2. SS15 sunglasses, price upon request, at Prada.

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For an outdoor activity in blazing sun

Collapsible arms make the Oakleys a more portable pair of shades; side shields inspired by glacier glasses lend an element of mountaineering practicality to the Mykitas.
3. Oakley Sliver F sunglasses, $220, at Sunglass Panache (Snowmass).
4. Mykita Mylon Sylvain sunglasses, $685, at Morgenthal Frederics.

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For a night on the town

Pulling an Anna Wintour after nightfall requires confidence. The Mach-Threes make a restrained luxury statement, while the Thierry Lasrys’ colorful pattern is like confetti for the eyes.
5. Dita Mach-Three sunglasses, $700, at Silver Threads.
6. Thierry Lasry limited edition Sexxxy sunglasses, $500, at Barton Perreira.

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