0515 watches ihoyhp

Town’s time-keeping options aren’t limited to luxurious Swiss tickers. These playful alternatives brighten wrists better than diamonds on a brand-new Rolex.

Image: Karl Wolfgang

Cat face watch with lime green band, $20, Amen Wardy - Numerical face watch with salmon band, $25, Amen Wardy - Nixon bright pink Rocio watch, $105, D&E - Nixon rasta Time Teller watch, $70, D&E - Suunto Core outdoor watch in red crush, $299, Ute Mountaineer - Technical watch with blue face and white band, $25, Amen Wardy - Red ‘who cares, I’m already late’ watch, $25, Amen Wardy - Nixon matte yellow Time Teller watch, $75, Radio Boardshop

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