Objects of Desire

Stone Age: Bring Natural Powers into the Home Through Raw Accessories

These crystal, mineral, and gem accents come with added benefits.

Photography by David O. Marlow Styled by Erik Hesselman August 18, 2016 Published in the Midsummer/Fall 2016 issue of Aspen Sojourner

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From left: Hand-forged silver centerpiece with red and green jasper cabochons, $41,500, at Buccellati; Small marble apples, $45 each, small marble pear, $75, large marble pear, $125, all with rustic metal stems, and Big Daddy quartz crystal agate table, $6,800, all at Georgia Brown; Kelly Wearstler bronze bottle opener with pyrite, $445, at Aspen Design Room; L’Objet pink champagne–scented candle in malachite-print Limoges porcelain with 24k gold accents and amethyst cabochon, $135, at Gorsuch; Evoke Bahama leather clutch with sliced agate embellishment, $220, at Bloomingbirds; J. Alexander stamped nickel-silver box with polished turquoise, $555, at Calypso St. Barth; Argentine blue calcite skull, $2,500, at Columbine of Aspen.

Glossary of Gems

(abridged from Crystal Power, Crystal Healing,
by Michael Gienger)

Gives protection, strengthens rationality, balances aura

Provokes honesty, clarifies dreams, releases tension

Develops positivity, enhances memory, fortifies immunity

Imbues courage, stimulates imagination

Removes inhibitions, heals ailments

Transforms circumstances, cleanses dissatisfaction

Uncovers memories, initiates change, alleviates pain

Quartz crystal
Revitalizes capabilities, supplies energy

Refreshes energy, enables intuition, increases growth

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