Pick of the Litter

Chic Accessories for the Aspen Dog

Poppy the pup found a treasure trove of goods for pampered pets.

Styled by Shelly Safir Marolt May 24, 2019 Published in the Summer 2019 issue of Aspen Sojourner

Image: Diane Reeser

 1. Squeaky toys, $16–$17, at Amen Wardy

2. Wacky Paws pet backpack, $49, Only Natural Pet

3. Colorado Hemp Honey Chill Sticks, $32–$33 (10-pack), Only Natural Pet

4. Walk-e-Woo collar, $21, Only Natural Pet

5. My Canine Kids nylon gingham harness, $50, at CB Paws

6. Peanut butter treats, $12, at  CB Paws

7. Ceramic dog bowls, $29 each, at  CB Paws

8. Hunter neoprene comfort leash, $34, at  CB Paws



Image: Diane Reeser

 Outward Hound Woof Pack, $40, at Rocky Mountain Pet Shop

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