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Tesla Motors Makes a Pit Stop in Town With Its First-Ever Mobile Design Gallery

The new Model X SUV, with an Airstream in tow, is open for oohing and aahing in Snowmass.

By Katie Shapiro December 2, 2016

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Tesla's first-ever Mobile Gallery, which is part of the company’s Tesla Explores promotional tour for the electric luxury SUV, hit the road November 28 for Snowmass Village, where it will be parked through December 16. It’s free to go see the infamous falcon wing doors in the flesh, get the complete Tesla showroom experience, design your fantasy car, and even buy the Model S or Model X of your dreams (sadly, a big red bow is not included).

According to an Aspen Daily News report and a reputable source at real estate firm Compass, you’ll likely see a full Tesla Design Studio showroom in downtown Aspen later this season (though a company spokesperson declined to confirm the rumor at present).

Either way, if you miss Tesla in Snowmass, but want to see it in your hometown, you'll still have a chance. Curious car shoppers and green machine fans are able to request a stop in any city across North America.

Tesla Explores
10 a.m.6 p.m., Viceroy Snowmass


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