Young skiers and boarders love to explore the mountain on dedicated kids’ trails, many with themes. Pick up the Kids’ Mountain Guide at any ticket office for a map of locations. Here, a few kid-vetted favorites:


Prospector’s Trail: Feel like you’re miles away from the ski area on this narrow path off Adams Avenue. Wooden cutouts of miners and their gear line the trail.

Hi di Hi Woods: Stay left when the trail forks to ski through the Bat Cave tunnel; the curved passageway lasts for a few spooky seconds.

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The World’s Longest Tree Trail: Off of Larkspur on West Buttermilk, T.W.L.T.T. has flags from around the world and stuffed animals and trinkets hanging from trees.

Devil’s Gut: Slip into the woods off Westward Ho and follow the trail to a ski-through log tunnel.


Chix Coop: Find the old chairlift hanging from a tree and enjoy the view of Pyramid Peak.

Sherwood Forest: Look for the decorated trees within the forest and the Friar Tuck trail.


Snoopy Shrine: Make a few turns down the black-diamond Summit run, then duck into an opening in the woods on skier’s left to find the famous beagle and pals.

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