Sean Barrett, Ashley Miller, Stan Cheo, Liza Bakken (not pictured BJ Williams)

Our physical therapists, with a combined experience of 100+ years, strive to give the highest standard of care to our patients. As a result, we have forged a strong reputation throughout the Roaring Fork Valley and beyond. We pride ourselves on providing a hands-on manual treatment approach. Our specialties include treatment of orthopedic sports injuries, headache relief, and comprehensive spine care. We utilize multiple techniques, including muscle energy, dry needling, spinal and joint mobilizations, and Active Release Technique. We also specialize in Functional Movement Systems training and assessment, Blood Flow Restriction training, Pilates, and sports enhancement training. No matter what your goals may be, the Aspen Sports Medicine team will guide you with a comprehensive individualized plan to maximize your function and performance.

616 E Hyman Ave, Aspen

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