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Aspen Valley Land Trust

Saving Land and Growing Kids Outdoors

Presented by Aspen Valley Land Trust July 10, 2020

When local teachers speak about their experiences at AVLT’s Chapin Wright Marble Basecamp, we hear stories of connections, breakthroughs, and the breaking down of barriers. 

High in the Elk Mountains outside Marble, “Basecamp” offers a place for students of all backgrounds to experience the beauty and healing power of the wild in a safe, inviting way, connecting kids with nature, each other, and their best selves.

Today, the need for nature, fresh air, clean water, healthy food, and outdoor opportunities for all has become clear. AVLT is committed to protecting our local farms and family ranches, wildlife, water, and community connections to nature, forever. 

You can help protect these special places and ensure that every child has an opportunity to unplug and grow in the wild. Learn more at avlt.org. 

320 Main St, STE 204, Carbondale 


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