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The Faces of Investment Management

Guiding You to Financial Peace of Mind. Experienced Investors. Thoughtful Financial Advisors. Focused Problem Solvers.

Presented by Obermeyer Wood Investment Counsel, LLLP July 10, 2020

Kimbo Brown-Schirato, Jody Dible, Wally Obermeyer, Ali Phillips, Christine Goodendorf, Bret Hirsh, Roger Hennefeld

Obermeyer Wood Investment Counsel is an independent registered investment advisor and financial planning firm based in Aspen and Denver, Colorado. Since 1982, hundreds of individuals, families, and nonprofits have trusted us to help them identify and achieve goals using sound advice, careful planning, and clear communication. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that we are guiding you on your long-term financial path.

Our services include stock and bond selection, retirement strategy, asset allocation, financial planning, financial literacy, guidance during life and wealth changes, legacy planning and family meetings, thought leadership and networking events, philanthropic advisory, and professional collaboration between advisors.

501 Rio Grande Place, Ste 107, aspen

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