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The Class Menagerie

Like Aspen’s human populace, town’s stuffed citizenry comes in all types: oddball and aloof, elegant and old school.

Styled by Erik Hesselman February 1, 2015 Published in the Midwinter/Spring 2015 issue of Aspen Sojourner

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Image: Tony Prikryl

From left: Norlha Yak, Urban Zen, $120; Sandy Vohr’s Leather Zoo teddy bear paperweight, Aspen Eclectic, $72; Jellycat white owl, Aspen Eclectic, $28; Jellycat brown owl, Aspen Eclectic, $40; 1930s German Steiff teddy bear, Georgia Brown, $475; Esther’s Tough Boy, Twinkle, $55; Qutweet Bag Buggie charm, Fendi, $900; Norlha Monster, Urban Zen, $76; Handsome Harvey Horse, Amen Wardy, $425; Anne-Claire Petit giant Mamma teddy bear, Aspen Art Museum, $248; Anne-Claire Petit mini Rocky Raccoon, Aspen Art Museum, $78; Monster Bag Buggie charm, Fendi, $850; mink teddy bear with crystal features, Dennis Basso, $3,500; white rabbit, Amen Wardy, $60; brown hare, Amen Wardy, $90; and Norlha horse, Urban Zen, $172.

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