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They may be convenient, but they’re still trash: plastic clamshells, bags, water bottles, and straws.

Dismayed by their personal garbage generation, Crested Butte entrepreneurs Karen Hoskin, Jennifer Brody, and Elizabeth Smith decided to eliminate “convenience trash” from their lives. After much trial and error, including a silicone bowl that collapsed while holding soup, they’ve launched Zoetica, offering beautifully curated kits for shopping, travel, dining, and daily living.

Our choice for jetsetters is the Wayfarer ($99), with two stainless-steel food containers; a stainless-steel spoon, fork, cup, and straw; an organic cotton napkin; produce and shopping bags. A zippered nylon pouch stores it all.

Want to build your own kit? Individual items are available, along with inspiration and suggestions online for approaching zero-waste nirvana. zoeticalife.com 

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