Music Makeover

Belly Upgrade

Aspen’s legendary music club improves its sights and sounds.

By Karl Herchenroeder July 1, 2014 Published in the Midsummer/Fall 2014 issue of Aspen Sojourner

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Concert going is an experience for the eyes and ears, and Belly Up has delivered an unusually high standard to both senses since it opened in 2005. From the front of the stage to the main bar to the side bar, music fans enjoy consistent, quality lighting and audio all over the club. The sound’s even good in the bathroom—truly not a bad seat in the house.

Amazingly, it all recently got even better with the addition of a new audio-processing system, video-mapping projectors, a fourth double-eighteen-inch bass sub-box, two new speakers, and a separate set of side-stage speakers.

The video-mapping projectors produce images on the side-stage speakers, a first for Belly Up, while the two new speakers, near the bar and the kitchen, will allow for the same sound no matter where someone is in the club, says talent buyer Danny Goldberg. The side-stage speakers are meant to enhance the experience for artists, but the lighting is the most noticeable difference for the average concertgoer.

“When you do stuff to the lights, that’s noticeable to the human eye, and that goes a long way,” Goldberg says. “We rehung all the lighting and repositioned all the lights on the stage, which gives it more depth and dynamic to our light shows. This will help for any kind of show. Whether it’s a reggae show, a rock show, a DJ show, whatever it is, the light show on stage is going to be a lot more dynamic.” A better Belly Up? We didn’t think that was possible.

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