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Annette’s Mountain Bake Shop doesn’t need a light in its window announcing that fresh doughnuts have just been plucked from the frying pan. The darting-eyed fried-dough fiends pacing outside on the Hyman Mall are indication enough. Annette and Fino Docimo made their first dozen about a year ago, “just to see if we could do it,” Annette says. Now the pair cooks up a maximum of eighty doughnuts—glazed, $2; chocolate dipped, $2.50; jelly, $3; and custard-filled, $3—every Thursday for a 4 p.m. drop. The whole batch typically sells out to repeat customers who’ve reserved their orders earlier in the day (544-1806), but occasionally there are a few extras. And the grown men pleading for a sugar hit are quite a sight.

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Fino samples the goods, while Annette double checks the reservations.


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