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Wild-Caught Alaskan Fish—Delivered to Your Door and Ready for the Grill

This third-generation family of fishermen delivers—with a discount through Aspen Sojourner.

Presented by Wild Alaskan Company July 24, 2020

Wild-caught Alaskan salmon

Those of us who live year round or part-time in the beautiful Rocky Mountain region are familiar with and appreciate the luxuries of fresh caught fish.

Even in our land-locked region, we still have the inherent ability to taste the difference between a fresh catch versus farmed fish, but chances are you also understand the difficulties of securing high-quality catches while supplies last.

Arron Kallenberg learned this a little later in life. A native Alaskan who grew up in a family of fishermen, Kallenberg was certainly a member of this “society”—if not one with VIP status. Arron’s grandfather made the trek from New Jersey to Alaska in 1926 and began fishing on a wooden sailboat in Bristol Bay, Alaska, home to the largest sustainable sockeye salmon in the world. By the time Arron was born in 1982, fishing was in his blood and dining on some of the world’s freshest, most nutritious seafood was the norm.

Robert C. Kallenberg stands with the family's first commercial fishing boat, the Polly K.

From early on, Arron wasn’t afraid to blend his family traditions with modern technologies. A true child of the ’90s, he was fascinated with computer technology and would take his laptop and dial-up modem out to sea to search for salmon and internet connection at the same time. After graduating from college, he became a software engineer and played a role in the internet startup boom for more than a decade. As time passed, he realized that eating the freshest seafood was not so easy in other parts of the country. And after learning more about how farmed fish has infiltrated our food cycle, and how technology could play a role in disrupting that trend, he decided to act. 

Arron Kallenberg, the third generation of an Alaskan commercial fishing family and founder of Wild Alaskan, holds three sockeye salmon on the deck of his father Walt's fishing boat, the Mary K.

Enter Wild Alaskan Company—where Arron brings his and his family’s decades of experience and love for fishing the best of the best directly to your door. A thriving e-commerce subscription service, Wild Alaskan brings wild-caught sustainable seafood to the masses. And now, thanks to Arron’s inventiveness, enjoying premium fish at home has never been easier.

Subscribers choose from three monthly plans—salmon, combo, and white—and await an eco-friendly, insulated delivery of flash-frozen fish directly from the waters of Alaska. Packaged in individual portions, Wild Alaskan takes convenience to an entirely new level, bringing the best-tasting fish into fish lovers’ weekly meal planning. And with virtual access to a team of personal fishmongers, recipes, and access to education about the health benefits of seafood-focused diets, Wild Alaskan acts like a high-end seafood counter at a fraction of the price, but with the same personal touch.  

A selection of Wild Alaskan's flash-frozen seafood, which can be shipped directly to your doorstep.

“As someone who grew up as part of Alaska's seafood industry, I had no choice but to start this company,” Kallenberg says. “I believe that it is my responsibility to share and protect this amazing, renewable natural food source for generations to come.” 

To take part in this centuries-long tradition, to reconnect yourself with real food in an ultra-convenient way, and to enjoy sustainable, healthy, and the most desired and best tasting fish in the world from the comfort of your home, purchase your first monthly box from Wild Alaskan Company today and enjoy $15 off your first order. Soon you’ll be hooked!

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