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The Face of Fresh Perspective

Coldwell Banker Mason Morse.

Presented by Coldwell Banker Mason Morse June 29, 2021

Jesse Hoffman

Jesse Hoffman is a new face in Aspen real estate, but he’s hardly new to Aspen. The burgeoning realtor is part of a new wave of agents propelling the industry forward in an innovative direction. Hoffman brings a refreshing point of view, thanks to an intimate connect with Aspen. Born and raised in Aspen, Jesse Hoffman knows the valley’s aesthetic nooks and crannies, and his roots run deep. The truth is, Jesse Hoffman has been promoting Aspen forever. For years, he looked at Aspen through a lens as a professional photographer. Now, Jesse Hoffman gets to apply his fresh perspective to the town he’s always called home by helping like-minded people find their place in Aspen.

Coldwell Banker Mason Morse
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