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The Face of Wild ‘Bout You

Victoria E. Cooke.

Presented by Wild 'Bout You July 27, 2022

Victoria E. Cooke

“O say, can you see, by the dawn’s early light” - Francis Scott Key, c.1814.

Victoria E. Cooke, creative designer and great-great-great-granddaughter of Francis Scott Key, finds her own creativity and poetic outlet. Cooke brings her fascinating experiences as an adventurer, model, and American fashion designer to her Wild ’Bout You brand. Designed in Santa Fe, NM and Aspen, CO. Produced in the USA. Cooke aspires to continue a 150+ year fashion design tradition known as the “Snap Duster.” The allure of the Western style lies in its innate coolness. One cannot help but assume a certain swagger when wrapped in a Snap Duster. “I love the idea of tomboy-ish femininity, grit, sparkle, and shine,’’ says Cooke. Wild ’Bout You remains committed to the beauty of the West through her support of America’s Wild Horse Rescue through canafoundation.org. Wild ’Bout You collection is available online at wildboutyou.com and at Kemo Sabe in Aspen.

Wild 'Bout You
Victoria E. Cooke