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The Faces of The Keller Prize

Robert Wilborn and Shelly Hamill.

Presented by The Keller Prize July 26, 2022

Robert Wilborn and Shelly Hamill

Shelly Hamill has been an artist most of her life under the loving guidance of her grandmother Jane Keller. Robert Wilborn is the gallery director for Aspen Grove Fine Art and has been working in galleries for over 24 years. Combined, they bring more than 50 years of experience to launching The Keller Prize, named for Shelly’s grandmother. Jane was a painter in Texas and specialized in landscapes featuring the vibrant state flower, the Bluebonnet. The Keller Prize is a way for Shelly and Robert to give back to the art community that has been so generous to them. Jane was passionate, curious, and proud of her work. We are looking for artists who feel the same about theirs, whatever medium that may be.

The Keller Prize will be awarded to a Grand Prize winner and two Runners-up, which will be featured in the Aspen Sojourner magazine’s Winter/Spring 2022-23 issue with social media and website promotion. Submissions will be accepted until August 31, 2022, for national and international artists over the age of 18. For more info on the Keller Prize, visit thekellerprize.com.

The Keller Prize