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Crescent Moon EVA Foam Snowshoes

These innovative lightweight ’shoes make the sport a whole lot more fun.

By Allison Pattillo February 5, 2020

The Crescent Moon EVA Foam Snowshoe

No matter your previous experience slapping and slogging around in traditional snowshoes, hiking through powder in this cross between an ultra-cushioned running shoe and a snowshoe will be infinitely better, even enjoyable.

Most snowshoes on the market today, no matter how light, have a pivoting-hinge mechanism to help you stride along. That means they can be clunky and noisy, and tend to throw snow all the way up your back with each step. A few years ago, Jake Thamm and his team at Crescent Moon (which also makes traditional snowshoes) decided to try something new. They created a hinge-free, rockered foam snowshoe that’s easy to put on and take off (thanks to Velcro straps) and even easier to use.

“EVA is the most intuitive snowshoe on the planet because it bends and flexes just like your running or hiking shoes do, which makes for a very familiar feeling,” says Thamm, Crescent Moon’s co-founder and president.

Durable rubber lugs, which can be optionally outfitted with the six ice spikes that come with each shoe, provide secure traction on a variety of terrain. Meanwhile the generous underfoot cushioning helps keep your feet warmer. Plus, the snowshoes are quiet, meaning you can actually enjoy the nature you set out to experience.

The EVA fits those whose shoe sizes range from a women’s size 7 to  men’s size 14, and is recommended for snowshoers up to 200 pounds. New this winter: the Luna Running Snowshoes, with a narrower design specifically for women, children, and runners.

To try before you buy, go on an adventure with Erik Skarvan of Sun Dog Athletics, who uses the Crescent Moon EVA in his snowshoeing program. 

 Buy: $159

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